“One can speak poetry just by arranging colors well.” - Vincent van Gogh

Just as one’s eye moves and lingers on the artist’s painting, Joyce believes our home’s interior backgrounds should carry the eye to what we favor, as we repeatedly move through and live in our spaces. When architectural colors are chosen with the whole picture in mind, they enhance each other correctly. Harmony and balance indicate the choices, rather than emotion or whim.

“My experiences in the commercial and decorative painting venues, have given me the skills to predict the translation of paint color, large scale; all made with mixtures of a few pigments producing most appealing, nuanced colors. Subtle tones are not so much chosen as they are a ‘discovery’, when the trained eye can acknowledge the effects of light, their location and contrast, and then can adjust accordingly.”

With extensive commercial Benjamin Moore retail/technical color mixing experience, Joyce relates the pigments used commercially to the limited classic palette used in her studio. “One must know how pigments work to know how to adjust them appropriately.” Paint has boundaries that color theory alone cannot predict. Joyce’s interior and exterior comprehensive plans provide a cohesive map, a design investment for those who trust there is more to choosing architectural color than meets the eye. Frequently asked what her favorite paint colors are, Joyce replies, “the ones that work.”